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Austin Rodriguez 

VFX Artist

Animation and Alembics exported out of Maya

Rigid Body and Particle sims in Houdini

Lots of Rigid Body sims

- 01:00 Lego-FX Fight Animation

Custom Lava vfx with VOPs in Houdini

Lava cools and hardens with time

Custom Procedural Shanty Town in Houdini

Volcano Textures done in Mari

- 00.51 Volcano City 

Statues crashing during nightmare scene

Fluid created from original geometry and custom forces to fall

Custom forces used to get the look of the splash

- 00.44 Taijitu: Crashing Statue

Directable Geometry is animated to cause fluid to melt

Particles from fluid simulation used to drive deformation of original geo

00:35 Research and Look Development for the director 

- 00.04 Taijitu: Melting Statue

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